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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight an upscale neighborhood rocked by a brutal crime are an elderly woman attacked by -- crime, an elderly woman attacked by make offed man in her own home. >> -- by a masked man in her
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own home. >> and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords in the same courtroom as the man who shot her in the head, the drama that played out as the gunman learned his fate. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. we begin with a teen-ager arrested for a brutal attack and robbery of an 81-year-old woman inside her northwest d.c. home. >> the victim is still recovering in the hospital. fox 5's maureen umeh working this one tonight now. >> neighbors say there has been an uptick in crime in the area lately but nothing as brutal as the random attack on the elderly woman. tonight police continue to patrol the area as a precaution. the burglary and beating happened wednesday afternoon inside this house surrounded by bamboo on mckinley street. an 81-year-old woman lives here alone. neighbors say she's legally blind and hard of hearing. sometime before 1:00 police say a masked burglar broke into the house through a back window. they say he punched the victim in the face and head, then took an apple computer.
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minutes later a mailman discovered the woman beaten and confused outside her front door. >> the person that did this is a coward. the woman is 81 years old. that's enough said. she's 81 and someone assaulted her in her own home. so it's a heinous crime. it's something we take very seriously and want to get this person off the street. >> reporter: thursday evening police arrested 18-year-old tyran mcelrath of southwest d.c. he's charged with first degree burglary. neighbors are relieved but remain concerned about what they say appears to be an increase in crime in the normally safe neighborhood. paxton lives blocks from mckinley street and believes he and his roommate stopped the attempted burglary of their land lady's mouse. he said the suspect tried to break -- house. he said the suspect tried to break in through a back window. >> based on the research, this happened to be most safe and quiet neighborhood. we got surprised that yesterday
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someone tried to rob here and we are sorry a lot for the incident that happened to the lady. >> reporter: the elderly victim remains in the hospital. she's expected to be released soon and fully recover from her injuries. now to that nasty nor'easter that swept through the northeast hitting parts of new york and new jersey already battered by superstorm sandy. the storm dumped rain and snow adding to the misery of hundreds of thousands of people. fox 5's will thomas has the latest. >> recovery efforts across the northeast came to a crawl. consider this. you already had devastation and widespread power outages after sandy rolled through last week. now add snowfall and more outages. also tonight we're getting an idea what the overall damage will cost the region. new york's governor says sandy will cost the region $50 billion in damage and economic loss. new york alone a staggering $33 billion.
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sanitation trucks use heavy claws to clear huge piles of debris in staten island. this neighborhood a full mile from the ocean dealing with 12 feet of water. >> we've been pumping for three days no, pumped out all the water. we still got residual water downstairs. took out all the walls, flooring and witchen. >> reporter: across the rion hundreds of thousands are still freezing in the dark. >> my daughter is 3 and i bundled her up in blankets and put her in the middle between my husband and myself, just to get the body heat and warmth. >> millions got power back on after sandy only to lose it again from the nor'easter. it dumped a foot of snow in some parts of new jersey alone. governor chris christie trying to look on the bright side. >> one of the positive things that i've seen in the face of this storm are the great acts of kindness and generosity from one new jerseyian to another. >> they might be helping each other as best they, can but some of the people living in
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the hardest hit areas are fed up. they don't know how they'll go on. >> haven't figured that out yet. really haven't. that's the next step. >> this is awful. this is just beyond terrible. it's awful. i'm done. >> many homeowners say even with insurance they're on the hook for personal expenses. talk about frustrating. a lot of these folks who have been paying for insurance, the additional living insurance that would cover you up to a year if you lost your home as many of these people did, they're being told by the insurance company sorry, can't do it because it's damage caused by a flood and when you live that close to the shore, it gets very tricky with insurance. >> flood insurance is tricky in general. we all kind of need to look at this. it's a cautionary tale. they need some good news there, will. >> they do need a break. >> i think we'll be able to deliver some good news. this is the nor'easter finally kicking out of new york and new jersey. they've got clear skies.
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it's still chilly, but it will be a bright day. >> it's kind of bearing to the right. >> yes. it's still affecting boston up through new england. a few more hours i think it will be out of here. it's still creating winds, but i thought we'd focus on the fact it's fetting out of town. it will initiate a -- getting out of town. it will initiate a pattern change for much of the east coast. still tomorrow and sunny, up in the 50s in new york to melt off that snow. in the weekend warmer air starts pushing in. they'll definitely feel it in new jersey. it will probably drop into the mid-50s or so there, but it will get better and a number of days of settled weather coming. in the meantime we're still getting decent gusts closer to 30 miles an hour. that's better than it was yesterday when they had the blizzardlike conditions and 40 to 50-mile an hour gusts. still a little bit breezy here. we're still getting a gust of 22 miles an hour, 24 at frederick. locally we'll have another chilly night, but we can expect our temperatures to start
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rebounding and we can feel awfully lucky when we see what they've been going through up there. it's a multi billion dollar disaster, hard to believe. >> can you imagine? that's just an estimate. at 11:00 tonight we'll be talking about rationing gas. the recovery effort's not bad enough. you can't get the gasoline trucks into some of these areas. our coverage will continue the next 90 minutes, of course. one of the most pressing issues for president obama is the crushing debt and deficit, the president expected to address the so-called fiscal cliff tomorrow. meantime slash 7 governor bob mcdonnell isn't taking any chance -- meantime virginia governor bob mcdonnell isn't taking any chances. he's asking the state to prepare to cut their budgets by 4% just in case. >> i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties. >> reporter: the president's election night promise of
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bipartisanship will be put to the test as he and congress face a looming deadline for brokering a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. that's the term for automatic tax increases and deep spending cuts set to go into effect in january to address the nation's deficit. >> the world is watching us. we have lost our reputation as a country that solves problems together. >> reporter: leaders on both sides say they want to work together. democrats argue voters gave them a mandate to let tax breaks for the nation's wealthiest expire. >> look at all the exit polls. the vast majority of american people, rich, poor, everybody agrees that the richest of the rich have to help a little bit. >> reporter: the house speaker says he is open to finding new revenue through tax reform but says hiking taxes on the nation's wealthiest hurts job creators. >> the independent accounting firm ernst & young says going over part of the fiscal cliff and raising taxes on the top two rates would cost our economy more than 700,000 jobs. >> reporter: many in the gop agree and say they remain
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philosophically opposed to increasing taxes. >> mr. president, we're not going to help you to get that done. the president has an insatiable appetite to tax and spend. >> reporter: the house speaker says solving a challenge of this enormity will be difficult during a lame duck session of congress, but he says lawmakers should be able to avert the cliff in the short term and work out a bigger deal next year. expect to see a new people in place when president obama begins his second term in january, his cabinet expected to have a new look. attorney general eric holder hasn't made up his mind whether he's going to stay, same for homeland security secretary janet napolitano. secretary of state hillary clinton healthcare heck plans to leave. secretary timothy geithner also wants to move on but may not leave right away. >> people like secretary geithner have put a lot of energy into the issues related to the fiscal cliff and they're going to want to see it through. >> defense secretary leon panetta is expected to stay on
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a few more moose into the president's second term to over- - months into the president's second term to oversee negotiations into defense cuts and a new budget. judgment day for a man who shot a former congresswoman and six others, the emotional courtroom drama ahead tonight. >> later they're the types of businesses that have you saying why didn't i think of that? coming up we are profiling the up and coming companies that could become the next big thing. >> and in the northeast cleaning up from a double disaster, but help is on the way for maryland. we'll show you how you can help on the news edge at 11:00. 
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former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords came face to face today with the man who tried to assassinate her. a judge sentenced jared loughner to life in prison for killing six people and wounding dozens of others. bob barnard is here with more on the courtroom drama. >> the mentally ill murderer did not speak out in court, told the federal judge he had
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nothing to say, but he got an earful. few can forget this haunting image of this smirky masked murder suspect jared lee loughner, 24-year-old later diagnosed with schizophrenia would plead guilty to ambushing a small crowd during a meet your congresswoman event outside a safeway supermarket in tucson january 8, 2011. six people were killed including a 9-year-old girl and a federal judge. 13 others were wounded including representative gabrielle giffords seen here voting in tucson this week. she and husband mark kelly were in a federal court in tucson today as loughner wearing a shirt and tie and with his hair grown out was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences plus 140 years in prison. >> for the family members of those who were killed and for those that survived this terrible event it is our hope that the final resolution of this case will be a positive step towards their healing
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process physically, emotionally and psychologically. >> maybe stoddard was shot three times that day, her husband killed trying to protect her. >> it's exoneration for my husband. >> addressing loughner at sentencing she said you took away my life, my love and my reason for living adding you forgot to shoot yourself. susan howman was also wounded in the gunfire that day. at sentencing she told the confessed killer we've been told about your demons, about the illness that skewed your thinking, your parents, your schools, your community. they all failed you. loughner's parents were in court, his mother sobbing. gabrielle giffords did not speak, but her husband mark, the former astronaut, read a lengthy letter aloud. mr. loughner, he said, you may have put a bullet through her head but you haven't put a dent in her spirit and her commitment to make the world a better place. he ended by saying you have decades upon decades to contemplate what you did, but
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after today, after this moment, here and now gabby and i are done thinking about you. by pleading guilty loughner avoids a federal death sentence but will spend the rest of his life in prison, no hope of parole. we are about to post the full text of mark kelly's impact statement on our website a guilty verdict for a charter bus driver accused in a deadly bus crash in virginia. kim you cheung was convicted on four counts of involuntary manslaughter. his bus was headed to new york last may when it crashed killing four people and injuring dozens more. during the trial more than a dozen witnesses testified that cheung was driving erratically before the bus swerved off the road. he faces up to 40 years in prison. to the district where low tests and low attendance go hand in hand. simply getting kids to school was the focus of a council hearing today. one idea, making parents more accountable if kids don't show up. fox 5's matt ackland has the
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story. >> reporter: in a city where violent crime and unemployment are big problems, many believe education is the key to solving those issues, but truancy is standing in the way. >> my job is to educate them and i can't educate them, i can't meet the aggressive goals that we've set around student achievement if the children are not there. >> traditionally our school system is the safety net. >> d.c. ps chancellor kaya henderson testified in front of a council committed to getting students to class. some say parents have to be held accountable. >> you literally are risking their educational life. >> this is educational neglect and i think we need to inspire a few of these parents to get serious about it and make some examples. >> there is already a law on the books holding parents responsible for truancy, but council member david catania says it's rarely enforced. >> once the judicial system is engaged the parents now start to understand there are personal consequences. i would go the route of
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community service first, probation. >> assistant police chief diane groom says keeping kids in school often keeps them out of trouble. >> it can contribute to crime if you're out of school and hanging out in areas that are tempting. >> if there was any question truancy hurts education, catania's office presented this chart showing d.c. schools with better attendance producing better grades. >> you also can lay the graduation rate over it. high attendance, high graduation. low attendance, low graduation. >> chancellor henderson says efforts are being made to reduce truancy. after the first unexcused absence a file is started at the school and after 10 absences without an excuse social workers are assigned to the case. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> d.c. public schools have long come under the microscope and tonight some signs of progress. a new report shows more high school students are graduating. 61% graduated last june, a 2% increase from last year.
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the city lags behind some other jurisdictions. in montgomery county the graduation rate was 86% in, fairfax 91 peaceful earlier on fox 5 at 5 -- 91%. earlier on fox 5 at 5:00 we spoke with jeff travers who works with a group fight for children. >> graduation rate has been declining a number of years. the fact that it's going the right direction is a great sign and the folks working so hard including chancellor henderson should be congratulated. >> jeff travers says beside graduation rates the city has shown improvements in reading and math scores on standardized tests. credits the quality of teachers and more parental involvement for helping students succeed more. coming up she is accused of killing her roommate in a fight over music. now this local college student is heading to trial. =8
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caught on tape two men robbing a 7-eleven in alexandria last tuesday. they hit the store on kenmore avenue. you can see the men. one jumps over the counter, grabs the clerk while the other cleans out the register. they eventually push the clerk to the ground. the person wasn't hurt. if you recognize them, call police. jury selection got underway in the trial of a bowie state university student charged with killing her roommate in a fight over music. it's been one year since the stabbing. fox 5's karen gray houston visited the university today to see how life on campus has changed. >> reporter: alexis simpson was there all day at the prince george's county courthouse in upper marlboro watching as lawyers for both sides picked the jury. opening statements in her murder trial are expected to begin next tuesday after the veterans day holiday. it's a case that still gives bowie students pause for reflection. >> we shouldn't judge either
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student. we should leave that in the hands of the judicial system. that's why they are here. so they will pick whether it was self-defense or an act of aggression. >> reporter: prosecutors say it was an act after impression, that simpson chose the end the life. police say simpson attacked her roommate, 18-year-old domonique frazier, after the two argued over music played on an ipod. witnesses say the two were separated but simpson was pushed into her bedroom. they say it all ended when simpson came out on the attack with the scissors. >> i went to high school with the girl that's about to go on trial. >> reporter: what was she like? >> i didn't really talk with her, but she was nice. >> reporter: same thing that the defendant's lawyer says. during her bond review michael worthy called simpson nonviolent and said the crime was an aberration. while we await the outcome of the trial, bowie students say their campus has changed since debra frazier died with more
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cameras and lots of security, especially at mccullough hall. >> they tightened up security and actually hired a new resident director who from what i've heard -- i haven't been in the building lately -- he runs a tight ship. >> reporter: so what should happen now? >> i think it's a sad thing, but she didn't have the intent to do it, but it spur of the moment kind of. >> that was karen gray houston reporting. if simpson is convicted of first degree murder, she faces a maximum penalty of life in prison without parole. coming up we're highlighting new businesses and services that could be the next big thing. tonight women's hair case, men's accessories and an know that lets you plan out your nightlife. >> -- and an app that lets you plan out your nightlife. >> and why this flash mob was a teaching tool coming up.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the holidays less than seven weeks away. that means the u.s. postal service is kicking it into gear. postal officials gathered in northwest today to kick off the holiday mailing and shipping season. >> this year the postal service will process about 560 million pieces of mail every day. during the holidays that adds up to 18 billion cards, letters and packages. we're going to -- and we will be delivering every single one because our 300 million customers expect nothing less. >> the postmaster expects december 17th will be the busiest mailing day of the year. he says the last day you can use express mail will be december 22nd. we are kicking off a brand-
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new segment tonight profiling businesses or services we believe could be the next great thing. fox 5 consumer reporter laura evans joins us now with three businesses on the move. >> when you look at the business, you think why didn't i think of that. tonight we are profiling companies built on blow dries, ties and finding just the event activity for you. it's all about looking good, feeling good and having fun. >> let me know if you need anything. >> a little pampering, some aesthetically pleasing surroundings, all at a good price. start your blow driers. this is dry bar. >> it's a gorgeous space and i think everybody just feels good when they get a blowout. it's like a little luxury. >> we're changing lives. i know it sounds very dramatic. bb wanted to t turned stay at
10:31 pm
get back into the working world. she started a mobile dry business and got sos byes i she took it a -- so busy she took it a step further and opened a dry bar. >> it's a place to get a great blowout, a great party in a beautiful space. >> that was two years ago. two weeks ago she opened her 18th location in bethesda. 40 bucks wash included. you pick the style. mai tai, southern comfort, cosmo, how about a shirley temple with a young one? >> a lot of people say this is better than therapy. i feel so mazing when i come in here. >> the demand is growing. >> they focus on one thing and chose to do it really well. >> feeling like you look really good gives you this confidence that makes everything better. >> a simple concept, inexpensive in indulgence, excellent service. need a tie?
10:32 pm
don't have the cash to buy new, these two have been there. >> we've had internships and didn't have enough ties and didn't really want to spend the money to buy brand-new ties. so we started sharing amongst each other. >> they had an aha moment when they heard about women swapping baby clothes. >> people do this, wow. so we went for it, i guess. >> not friends became the first tie swapping service. there are tie rental companies. >> we took our model a step further. so instead of accumulating all this large inventory and making users give back the ties we said let's make it peer to peer. >> users all over the country are joining in on the swap on >> pay the traction fee of 9.95 which includes shipping. >> the person who owns the ties you picked gets an e-mail with a link to the shipping tail. they put three ties in a box and -- shipping detail. they put three ties in a box and ship them off.
10:33 pm
don says he's saving lots of money and it's so simple. >> you have hundreds, if not thousands of ties in your closet. they're not right there physically. they are there at a touch of a button. >> smart money savings, simple concept, efficient use of an item you already own. that's why we think not friends could be the next great thing. looking for a place to go, something to do? look no further than wu found. >> it's a personality matching engine. we learn about a user's personality and preferences and help connect them to things to do in the world. >> wu found was born out of frustration. co-founder josh spears was going on a blind date and needed a plan but had nowhere to turn to make that plan. >> i wanted to find something that would kind of create that feeling of serendipity that you often see in movies. >> in one night he and his childhood friend dan signs developed a plan and a name. >> the concept of wooing of falling in love and we believe that people can fall in love with experiences.
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>> what do users think? >> if you don't know the place, it would make it easier to find what's your interest in, what you may like. >> launch the free app. an image pops up with the question me or not me? a game of sorts with an intelligent personality learning engine at its core. >> behind each image is complex levels of personality and preference data. so you can see businesses that are in this area that match my personality. >> personalization at your fingertips, cutting through the clutter and creating new experiences. that's why we think woo found could be the next great thing. some fun stuff out there. you got to check it out. this is a regular segment we are just launching tonight. so if you have a product or service you think could be the next great thing or you know of one, shoot me an e-mail at or send me a tweet. laura evans fox 5 is my twitter
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handle. shawn and i hit dry bar on the way in. so there you go. d.c.'s skyline is up for debate. find out why some local leaders want to ease the height restrictions on the city. >> and later students show off their thriller dance moves downtown, why this is more than just a flash mob for the kids and their school. starting black friday on a thursday, wal-mart kicking off its official holiday shopping season at 8 p.m. eastern on thanksgiving day. that is the earliest thanksgiving opening ever for the largest retailer in the nation. the friday after turkey day is usually the busiest shopping day of the year. not a lot of love for mcdonald's, sales actually falling in october, the first monthly decline in nearly a decade. a slowing global economy with strong competition from fast food rivals taking some of the shine off those golden arches and some good news for your golden years, a new report saying the average 401k retirement account balance is
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now just under $76,000. that is the highest amount on record. here's the new special delivery getting some buzz. online retailer is starting to sell wine in 12 states and washington d.c. the company is offering more than 1,000 bottles ranging from less than 10 bucks to more than 100. corkscrew is not included. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite.
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with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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two days after president obama was reelected inauguration prep is underway. some of the area on the west side of the capitol has been blocked off, risers going up,
10:40 pm
platform being built. planners will discuss security, crowd control. four years ago the inauguration crowd, the largest ever on the national ma'am, no estimate yet for this january -- mall, no estimate yet for this january. starting next week people can buy commemorative smartrip cards that cost 15 bucks good for a one day rail pass. the cards will be offered online. the one day pass will cost $14 going on sale the mid of next month at metro rail stations. imagine d.c. skylines with skyscrapers. a house committee plans to look into it. darrell issa says a study will begin sometime next month. now d.c. buildings can only be 12 stories high. congress passed a height act back in 1910 and the law is still on the books. some developers say the law is antiquated and easing those restrictions could spur new business opportunities, but preservationists say they will fight changes. tonight at 11:00 tears of joy, president obama breaks down two days after his reelection. the group of people that made
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him emotional coming up. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
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any good teacher will tell you when you want kids to learn, sometimes you have to get created. there was an example of that today in d.c. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> reporter: one minute it's a sidewalk. the next minute it's a stage. >> my heart was beating real fast and i felt nervous a little bit. ♪under the moonlight >> when i'm on the dance floor, the dance floor just kind of speaks to me. ♪ because it's a thriller thriller night ♪ >> reporter: a two minute flash mob right in front of the national portrait gallery. they're students from d.c.'s savoy elementary school in southeast, but on this day they're -- >> just like michael jackson.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: a teacher direct from atop an suv parked right on f street. >> i just want to help them understand they can go anywhere they want to go. >> reporter: savoy has traditionally been a very low performing school, but they were selected a while back by the president's committee on the arts to get some extra resources, things like art supplies and musical instruments. the award goes to schools that are about to turn the corner. >> i was born and raised there in southeast. to come back to that community and see how the program is making kids want to come to school, making parents want to get involved, the volunteers, it just really is building the community. ♪we're fighting for the night. it's a thriller ♪ >> reporter: they practiced for a month. >> every day. we practiced like this. >> i'm very proud because we put a lot of effort in it. >> i feel happy because we get to experience something we never did before and i feel
10:46 pm
good about it. >> reporter: when you saw your faces and makeup, what did you think? >> i was frightened like some type of creature. ♪thriller thriller >> reporter: the boys test scores are picking up and attendance is, too. >> i had a lot of fun today. >> reporter: they'll remember these moves for a long time. in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. >> i'll tell you, what those kids have some good moves, beautiful day to be out there. brian has moves, too in case you haven't seen them lately. >> any chance we get a little demo of that. >> i heard shawn put them online. >> check my facebook page is all i'm saying. >> breaking down the new jam tonight. >> he is in a good move because the weather. it's chilly but not horrible. >> turning the corner. we'll get a nice the warm-up. i think it's going to make people feel really spirited as we go into the weekend like
10:47 pm
bolter. who needs a lift is the people in the northeast. they're going to get bonus weather coming in, too. they really need it as conditions have been so rough. the nor easter is trying to pull out of town. we'll give you a look at it on satellite and radar. we're still under the influence getting a breeze while the pressure gradient is around. you can see new york and new jersey have cleared out. we're still getting some effects around boston and the cape up into maine, portions of new hampshire, maybe even vermont. in a few more hours i think the east will be settling down and the storm will kick out. the snow totals were impressive. there were some 1 foot amounts of snow in central new jersey up to southeastern new york. newark split the difference with a little over 6 inches, central park, a daily record, 4.7 inches, islip, new york, over 4 inches, some really big amounts up into connecticut. new haven had 9 inches.
10:48 pm
atlantic city, new jersey, 2 1/2, flushing new york about 7 inches, just an amazing story and really some big totals considering how this thing was somewhat far out to sea, but we think maybe just got enough cold air to throw that moisture into especially central new jersey. temperature now is 47 degrees. we'll have a cold night. it's been breezy as the winds lighten up in the next number of hours. we'll see our temperatures dropping. new york has 39 degrees. it was colder last night. they were down to 32. they had their snow problem, clear skies there now. pittsburgh 37, beckley, west virginia 31 and overnight a chilly one. we're expecting to find 20s in the suburbs to 36 degrees downtown. clear skies, breezy the next few hours. closer to morning the winds get lighter and temperatures drop. here's our good headline. we're on track for a little bit of a warm-up. there's still heat on the weather map. these are the high temperatures
10:49 pm
today. dallas hit 81. we'll be closer to 57 degrees, so still a little below average tomorrow with average being 61. we'll be 57 degrees. it will be a sunot as windy as today was. saturday 64. veterans day sunday at 68 degrees and a lot of you will be observing veterans day monday, the official holiday, 67 degrees. so a very nice stretch of days for us. our next shot for rain probably not until tuesday as a frontal boundary closes in. cool tomorrow, lots of sunshine as high pressure gets closer to us, the winds getting lighter. the high keeps motoring over to the coast. we get the warmer air around the backside of it out of the southwest on saturday and sunday, still keeping a good amount of that sunshine. for tonight 36 degrees, clear skies. we'll have some temperatures at or below 32 into the 20s in the suburbs. winds should lighten up to 10. tomorrow winds out of the
10:50 pm
northwest 5 to 15, so a breeze but much better than today's wind gusts, 57 degrees friday, sunny and nice, still a little below average for november. here is what we think it will be like at 8 a.m., 38 degrees, sunshine, by noon 53 and sunny and at 4:00 56 degrees. saturday 63, sunday about 67 but yes, even a few spots could get at or above 70 on sunday. so it just looks like a really terrific day. your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast showing you one more day in the 50s and then we get back into the 60s for at least three or four days. we've got a frontal boundary coming monday or actually tuesday. monday night it will increase the clouds. we might have a few showers that. will continue into tuesday with the next chance of showers tuesday. a little cooler after that front clears the area wednesday and thursday back to the 50s. >> that's good news. now let's check a little bit more about that nor'easter
10:51 pm
and the clean-up. we have the story live from monmouth county, new jersey. we've been checking in with you all day, sharon. what are the current conditions like there now? >> reporter: it's chilly obviously. i've got my hat and gloves on here but no snow and no really stiff wind is the good news in all this. we are still trying to get power back on here in these coastal communities. that's the big effort back underway of that nor'easter. let me step out of the shot so you can see what we're facing. this is an evacuated community. what you see there is someone's belongings, all their furniture and personal belongings that were pulled from their house after hurricane sandy turned superstorm sandy, slammed the jersey shore, flooded these homes and the trees came down on the power lines and the rest of it. yesterday when i was talking to you guys, i was covered in snow because the nor'easter came right through this area as well. luckily most of the snow has
10:52 pm
melted. as my photographer pans over, you will see the street is completely dark still here. this entire neighborhood is still without power. they have a lot of utility crews working and a lot of law enforcement here including the national guard and sheriffs and local police departments because they're trying to make sure that there is no looting. unfortunately tonight really just about a half hour ago a police officer came up to me and said he just arrested two people for looting in someone's abandoned home. it's hard to believe somebody would do that in these circumstances, but it is happening here in sporadic towns. >> sharon, you hear everything that the people living in this community have gone through, first superstorm sandy, then this nor'easter. now are their spirits? how are they holding up? >> reporter: they're better today, okay? yesterday people were saying to me what is mother nature doing? i can't take it another minute,
10:53 pm
but we went to a center tonight, a borough hall, that had supplies, cleaning supplies, food. one of the volunteers there who also don't have power was helping hand food out and there's a lot of resolve in these communities. i do think they'll rebuilt, but some of these homes will have to be knocked down altogether. >> where did all these people go who lost their homes? were they in shelters or waiting for fema trailers? >> reporter: well, there's a couple things going on. they're either staying somewhere else inland with relatives. there are some shelters set up at schools and that type of thing, hospitals as well and for some people in this area these are their second homes, especially those on the water. so they do have another home to go to. that's good news, but a lot of people retire down here and this is all they've got. it's tough. it's really tough. it's going to take a long time. the sooner we can get power
10:54 pm
back, the better. people will feel better when they can turn heats on and see what's going on. >> thanks -- lights on and see what's going on. >> thanks so much for the update. a horrible hoax takes on a life of its own online, teachers and students duped into thinking a teen-ager was killed in a car crash. we'll hear from him and his mother. >> at 11:00 disturbing new details about why sitting so long is so bad for your health. the news edge is next. now your capital rundown with tom fitzgerald. >> it's your look at the new and noteworthy in the week ahead. this is your capital rundown for the week of november 12th, 2012. monday at 8:30 a.m. at the library of congress they will mark the 150th anniversary of the civil war by opening a six month long exhibit of 175 rarely seen items including abraham lincoln's copy of the second inaugural address and
10:55 pm
confederate general stonewall jackson's personal battlefield map. on tuesday paul ryan and mark warner will speak at the wall street journal's annual ceo council in washington starting at 7 a.m. at the may flower hotel. wednesday at 9:30 a.m. the topic on how to help returning veterans increase their job opportunities in the private sector will be highlighted at the u.s. department of labor hosts a symposium with excelsior college. they'll focus on bettering career and education opportunities. thursday at 7 p.m. u.s. supreme court justice samuel alito delivers the opening keynote address at the national lawyers convention. his remarks will center on the future of constitutional law, the two-day event held at the mayflower hotel. finally on friday at 8:30 a.m. the national press club will look at social media and the
10:56 pm
2012 presidential race looking at increasing role it is playing and that's your capital rundown for the week of november 12th, 2012. you can find more at and use our twitter hashtag capital rundown. i'm tom fitzgerald. we'll see you next week. sfx- "sounds of african drum and flute" look who's back. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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10:59 pm
news of an indiana student's death turned out to be a cruel hoax. there was a text sent out that a student died in a car crash. the school offered grief counselors. when he showed up the next day in the school, the teachers and students were shocked. >> when i walked on the bus, people were looking at me like they didn't know what was going on. >> it was really scary and crazy. >> michael says is he grateful so many people care about him

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